Bringing Your Brand to Life. Helping Your Business Grow.

Impressions Design + Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that takes you past the first impression to gain long-lasting relationships and helps connect you to your customers through innovative, eye-catching design and persuasive marketing messages. We are an agency that cares more about our clients’ success than just about anything else. With over 15 years in public relations and marketing experience, we have been helping businesses connect with the right audiences and grow.

Our graphic design and marketing management is more than pictures and words, it is intentional art and message, directed at your target audience.<a href="/" rel="publisher">Google+</a>



We listen, we think and then we act. We handcraft campaigns and projects for our clients’ specific needs – always with brand consistency in mind. Our collaborative approach develops creative materials that attract attention and resonate with your ideal audience.



We know how to develop an integrated marketing campaign that comes to life across multiple channels. We advertise you in a way that inspires and motivates action. Our years of experience allow us to provide a full spectrum of marketing services in-house, from marketing research and strategic planning to design and development of ads, websites and print collateral that perform to meet your goals.



The biggest compliment we hear from our clients is, “You really get it.”  That high praise means we take the time to understand your business, your customers, your products and services. From there, we use that information to develop a plan for you to connect and make lasting impressions.



Our clients are more than account numbers, and providing great client service is more than our mission – it’s our way of life. We respond quickly, communicate clearly and collaborate efficiently every step of the way. We catch the vision you have for your company and get on board to help make that happen.  We are invested. We are part of your team.

Here are a few of the clients we've served:

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Graphic Design

Our thoughtful design for print and electronic output gets the attention you want from your customer base. Visual imagery can inspire, motivate and stun. Our goal is to create graphic designs, within the scope of a creative campaign, that are unforgettable. Our high-quality, high-speed collateral creation and production meets the needs of your business. Point-of-purchase materials, signage, direct mail advertising and any branding item such as logo design, business cards, letterhead, brochures and catalogs are our specialty. Our designs perfectly follow your marketing strategy and provide a consistent image for your campaign.

Website Design + Online Marketing

Your website is the window into your business. And many consumers will not take a second look if they are not initially impressed. We not only design attractive, effective websites, but we know how to drive online traffic to ensure your website gets attention from your target audience. Today, the best investment you can make for your business is a well-thought-out and attractive website. We optimize your site to get you the most clicks. We perform new website designs as well as redesigns. 

Advertising Management

A lot goes into making creativity come to life. Our in-house project management brings it all together. We are efficient and responsive to bring your project together seamlessly. We help manage and give direction to photographers, directors, industrial designers and production vendors. We know that in the digital age, the business world is faster than ever. Your timeline is vital and we excel in finding opportunities to make up precious time. We know that proper, efficient implementation can mean the difference between market leaders and everyone else.

We operate within accountability and share our project timeline with clients from the beginning so we both know what the next steps are. We communicate clearly and consistently so that informed decisions can be made in real time.

Event planning is a standout service with our project management. From open houses to donor dinners, we do it all.



Your brand has a story to tell. We bring it to life. We help you connect with audiences everywhere. Distinguishing your offerings from the others in the market is what we do best. We keep up with the latest trends and produce results that impact your bottom line.

Brand Identity
Print Advertisement
Direct Mail
Graphic Design
Film Project Management
Sales Kits
Presentation Design
Event Planning


We create meaningful conversations with the people who will best appreciate your products and services. Communication is not about repetitions, it’s about lasting impressions. That’s our specialty. We engage your customers and take the opportunity to listen to them – because we build relationships. We gain insight into your customers’ desires and behaviors to help determine what they think of your brand. We use this knowledge to develop your brand’s personality.

Social Media Management
Media Planning and Buying

Consulting and Account Management

Businesses always need to plan for the future and that starts with evaluating where you are. We help brands make sense of the trends that are affecting their consumers’ choices. We’re always watching and keeping track of consumer behavior, how they interact with and perceive a brand, as well as the competition. These insights help us make plans to keep consumer interest and compel them to stay loyal to your brand in the future. Growing businesses starts with building strong relationships. We focus our efforts on first understanding you and your customers to better help you move closer to your consumers. Every client is different, that’s why we treat our clients as individuals and tailor our approach to best meet our clients’ needs.

Marketing and Advertising Strategy
Target Market Segmentation
Promotional Strategies
Market Research and Analysis
Account Strategy
Client Advocacy
Departmental Planning

Digital Marketing

Digital and search marketing is about being there when your customer needs you. Every search is an opportunity to respond to their request and offer your services to them. Whether they found you intentionally, or they are just looking for some service you offer, we help you get there first. Once we build an online presence, our work does not stop there. We continue to listen and build relationships to ensure that we are not only meeting your customers’ current needs, but we are ready for their next request.

Website Design
Content Management
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Campaign
Google AdWords

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services focus on attracting your customers using attractive, effective architecture. Our designers have years of experience in visual communication and advertisement inventing to make your business stand out and above the rest. Your business is our highest priority. We'd like to help you share it with others.

Business Cards


We handle all aspects of video production for television and online video applications, such as YouTube, Facebook and other web delivery systems. You need to stand out amongst the noise. You need to make some noise that gets talked about. We can do that. We can manage that film project for you.

Script Writing
Film Management
Content Delivery